¥ HARMONIC MOTION DUO performs and teaches music and dance that focuses on folkloric and ethnic idioms and cross-cultural projects. Its core performers and teachers are musician/composer Joe Zeytoonian and dancer/percussionist Myriam Eli. They regularly participate in performances and workshops of traditional Middle Eastern, Armenian, North African, Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish), and Moorish flamenco music and dance. They also often collaborate in presentations with jazz, avant-garde, modern, flamenco, Indian, Balkan, and African. At times their work crosses and blends traditional styles to create new forms through improvisation. The duo is available for presentations of music or music and dance.

photo: Sharon Swift


¥ HARMONIC MOTION MIDDLE EASTERN MUSIC AND DANCE THEATER performs music and dance from Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Morocco, Moorish Spain, Sepharad, flamenco, Raqs Sharki (oriental or eastern dance), and cross-cultural works. Myriam Eli, the choreographer and dance director, and Joe Zeytoonian, the musical director, perform with the group. Dancers in the group are often percussionists, playing the dumbek (an hourglass shaped hand drum from the Middle East), the riqq and bendir (frame drums), the zills or saghat (finger cymbals), and the cajón (wooden crate). The group has performed throughout Florida in the following locations and events: Coconut Grove Playhouse, Renaissance Festivals, Broward County Main Library Theater, Vizcaya Palace, Borders Books and Music, Italian-American Club, Florida International University, New World School of the Arts for the Florida Dance Festival, Fisher Island, Sephardic Life Fair, the University Center for the Performing Arts, the Deering Estate, and various private events.


¥ HARMONIC MOTION FREE WORLD ENSEMBLE performs a blend of avant garde and world music and dance with improvisations bridging traditions of eastern and western forms . The artists are Abbey Rader on drum set and percussion, Joe Zeytoonian on electric ud, voice, percussion, and Myriam Eli on dance and percussion. Audiences frequently describe the group's presentations in terms of a journey since each member is a multi-instrumentalist, which allows for numerous permutations of sound and color. Their Florida performances include the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, World Resources Café, the Colony Theater, Miami Beach's Starfish, Miami's Center for Fine Arts, the Florida Dance Festival, Broward's Main Library Theater, Center for the Arts in Stuart, and Florida International University. The trio is available for presentations of music or music and dance.

photos: Sharon Swift


¥ NEVART ARMENIAN BAND The ensemble of musicians plays classic and contemporary Armenian folk music including material form the motherland and the diaspora.

Student dancers at Borders Books & Music

Student drummers

Student dancers in Cultural Caravan, Broward County Parks


¥ The RADER/ZEYTOONIAN UNIT is a unique combination of electric ud and drumset which explores free rhythmic and lyrical journeys. Musicians include Abbey Rader on drumset and percussion and Joe Zeytoonian on electric ud, voice, and percussion.

photos: Sharon Swift



¥ SEPHARDIC JOURNEY presents music and dance of various  cultures that the Sephardim, or Judeo-Spanish people, encountered in their migrations after their expulsion from Spain in 1492.  Presentations include repertoire from Morocco, Egypt, Armenia, Turkey, the Romany people, Al-Andalus, Flamenco, and the Judeo-Espanyol tradition.

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