HARMONIC MOTION is a not-for-profit arts organization resident in South Florida. Harmonic Motion's music and dance performing groups focus on folkloric and ethnic idioms, cross cultural, and improvisational projects.

The core performers and teachers are musician and composer Joe Zeytoonian and dancer and percussionist Myriam Eli. They regularly participate in workshops and performances of Middle Eastern, Armenian, and North African music and dance as well as collaborations with jazz, avant-garde, modern, improvisational, flamenco, Indian, Balkan, African, Afro-Cuban, Sephardic, and other forms.

They have performed in concerts throughout Florida in many theaters, festivals, universities, colleges, radio, and television, in addition to touring the United States, Latin America, Japan, and Europe, including Turkey. Additionally, they have recorded for Estefan Enterprises and Sony Music with Latin pop rock singer Shakira, with whom Ms. Eli toured and for whom she choreographs and drums. Mr. Zeytoonian has also recorded with Gloria Estefan.


photos: Sharon Swift