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Cafe Makam
Sold Out

James Stoyanoff: G-Clarinet
Ara Topouzian: Kanun
Joe Zeytoonian: Electric Ud
Myriam Eli: Percussion
Mark Sawasky: Percussion

Turkish style music / includes some Belly Dance music

1- Songs For You
2- All is Possible
3- Oud Taksim
4- Don't Bolt the Latches
5- Walk Beautiful Woman, Your Eyes are a Sip of Water
6- Kanun Taksim
7- Solo Dance from Camlica (çifte telli)
8- Roman Pancari (karsilama)
9- Butcher's Dance
10- Laz Dance of the Black Sea
11- Folk Ballad of Yemen
12- Krushevo Bulgarian Dance
13- New Solo Dance (çifte telli)
14- Oh, Emine
15- My Suffering Nightingale

total time 68:49
American Recording Productions

A sample of track 8

A sample of track 13

Danse Orientale Project

George Armaos: Harmonica
Michael Gregian: Darbuka
Ken Kalajian: Guitar
Paul Mooradian: Tambourine
George Strathos: Clarinet
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass Guitar
Ron Tutunjian: Dumbeg
Joe Zeytoonian: Oud and Vocals
Myriam Eli: Dumbeg and Cymbal
Susan Raphael: Violin

Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Romany, and original music / includes some Belly
Dance music / compilation of two previous recordings: Gypsy Fever &
Rom-Anadolu Session

1- Gypsy Fever
2- Rain
3- Travel Gavel
4- Ilkbahar
5- Destination
6- Çifte Telli
7- River's Winding
8- Clarinet Taksim
9- Marash
10- Pi
11- Oud Taksim
12- Tsamiko
13- Tetia Logia
14- Karsilama
15- Sea Tea
16- Belledi
17- Shoes

total time 70:54
American Recording Productions

A sample of track 1

A sample of track 4

Southern Arrival

Myriam Eli: darbuka, riqq
Abbey Rader: drumset, ashikos, thumb piano, percussion
Joe Zeytoonian: oud, electric oud, cajita
Kenny Millions (guest artist): clarinet, saxophone

eastern & avant-garde collaboration / improvisational

1- Hives
2- Our Sun
3- Beach Debris
4- Phytoplankton
5- Hovercraft #9

total time 39:36
Third Stream Music

A sample of track 1

A sample of track 3

Whispers of Ellis Island

Joe Zeytoonian: oud, riqq, claps, bass dumbeg, voice, cumbus, bongos, davul, darbuka, wood block, cajon, steel pot
Ara Topouzian: kanun, bendir, dumbeg, claps, davul

Armenian and original music / Armenian & Middle Eastern styles

1- Enzeli
2- Bingeol
3- Wheel
4- Seven Beauties
5- Long Valley
6- Reckless
7- Air
8- Cloud

total time 43:55
American Recording Productions

A sample of track 2

A sample of track 4

Line Out

Fred Elias: violin
Mike Gregian:
Joe Zeytonnian:
electric ud

This is a collaboration of master Lebanese-American violinist Fred Elias, Mike Gregian, and Joe Zeytoonian. Original compositions of Fred and Joe with wildly improvisational passages of passionate blowing by the trio.

1- Walking the Line
2- Sirto Nuevo
3- Short Take #1
4- Fine Nine
5- Slokala
6- Masmudi and More
7- Short Take #2
8- Five Alive
9- Syrian Wedding Song

total time 59:13
Harmonic Motion Music

A sample of track 1

A sample of track 5

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