The Miami Herald, Laurie Horn:
"delivered powerful, surging music"

Dancer Magazine, Billie Kirpich:
"Their research, travels in the Middle East and vigorous training are revealed in the intensity and passion of their work."

Rudy Berberian, St. Garabed Armenian Church, Florida:
"The harmony they create and reflect when they are performing . . . is a joyous experience."

Florida Dance Association's director, Rebecca Terrell:
"Myriam and Joe are exquisite musicians as well as experienced and generous teachers. "

Broward County Parks and Recreation, Diane Whatley:
"Harmonic Motion . . . exhibited true professionalism and artistic performance. . . an enriching cultural opportunity. . ."

Ladinokomunita, Daisika:
"la musika de Joe y el bailar de Myriam fue una koza espesial."



Pacific Winds Musical Productions, Mark G "Markos" Sowlakis:
On his oud solo in Café Makam: "a daring and beautiful taksim"

Bostonia, Taylor McNeil:
On Whispers of Ellis Island: "My favorite track is Bingeol, with Zeytoonian on vocals, . . . it's both haunting and hopeful . . ."

Northwest Ethnic Voice:
On Whispers of Ellis Island: the musicians "have combined here to create a dream-like work of art which stretches the imagination and fully engages the listener, forcing one to concentrate on a music which creates its own mental and emotional imagery and which carries with it a subtle energy from the heart. . . we get from this a sense that these musicians are creating, or returning to, a 'classical music of the people,' a self-made music which captures the fabric of history and daily life without being dependent upon poetry or analysis. . . You will understand this music with your heart and with your body or you will not understand it at all."

On the cut Bingeol:
"Joe's soft voice is perfect for these lines. He nurses Ishakian's poetry while plainly stating the outstanding fact of the Diaspora."

Dirty Linen: Folk and World Music:
"this release does everyone proud"

Dancer Magazine, Billie Kirpich:
"a master musician"

Armenian News Network, Ara Topouzian:
"the Armenian oud master"

School Board of Broward County, Florida, Margaret Rohrbach:
"His musical performances . . . have inspired students and opened their eyes to diverse expressions in music. . . Joe has continually worked to expand the application of his musical heritage and has impressed his audiences with his eclectic style. . ."

Rafael and Juliana Productions, Florida:
"We have been fortunate to have Mr. Zeytoonian's virtuoso talents on oud, vocals, and percussion accompany since 1980."



The Miami Herald, dance critic, Laurie Horn:
"a Middle Eastern specialist . . . delivered sensual magic"

The Miami Herald, Neighbors, Becky Beaupre:
"fiery and hypnotic"

El Nuevo Herald, Miami, Norma Niurka:
"Myriam se desliza ligera por el salón, toda etérea, tocando los crótalos."

El Nuevo Herald, Miami, Orlando Taquechel:
"Myriam Eli pasa de la danza del vientre al flamenco con absoluta naturalidad. Su ejecución es por momentos algo distante pero su trabajo virtuoso de torso y brazos es siempre preciso y en más de una ocasión portador de una belleza indiscutible."

Dancer Magazine, Billie Kirpich:
"Myriam is that rare Middle Eastern dancer, perfect in face and figure, enhanced by gorgeous costuming. Her dance is enthralling in every detail."

Dance Magazine, Jordan Levin:
"evocative, powerful"

Argentinean Middle Eastern dancer, Amir Thaleb:
"Me recordaste a Carmen de Bizet. Fantástica, qué fuerza, un temperamento arrollador. Te felicito. Me dejaste anonadado. . . Tus cymbals son una orquesta. Buenísimo."

Middle Eastern dancer Morocco:
"I know Myriam Eli to be a dancer of exceptional talent, capability and class, a beautifully sensitive performer."

Florida Dance Association director, Rebecca Terrell:
"Myriam's Middle Eastern dance performances are . . . subtle and superbly crafted."
director, Tom Thielen
: "a knowledgeable, notable and devoted choreographer, performer and educator . . . Ms. Eli tirelessly pursues higher standards . . . one of the few Florida-based authorities in these cultural dance forms."

Florida International University, Leslie Neal, dance professor:
"In each area of her artistic and educational efforts, she consistently demonstrates commitment to her work, keen organizational skills, dedication, integrity and a passionate pursuit for excellence.

Euterpe, New York:
"con su baile y hermosura nos conquistó a todos."



Pacific Winds Musical Productions, Mark G "Markos" Sowlakis:
Regarding Café Makam: Myriam "frames the record with a wonderfully sturdy rhythm, a study in nuance and subtlety."

Israel Cohen, Sephardic Federation of Palm Beach:
"Her playing and sensitivity to the heart of the music is so much more important because it carries with it not only tradition and authenticity but also the beautiful soul of the people . . . Her music and work are a delight and greatly contribute and enrich the cultural life of our community."

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